Since its inception the company has delivered animation clips to such clients as Samsung, 7Eleven, AON Insurance, Family Mart, and others.

Originally offered as part of the service offering of, Thailand’s leading app and web production house, VimiVideo’s commitment to fair and transparent business practices, and process driven delivery, created a rapid influx of customers and projects that soon justified spinning off the activity as a brand in its own right.

Who We Are

  • Tal Angel – Managing Director

    Tal is an experienced entrepreneur with well-honed instincts for creating effective online media and strategic alliances. Prior to founding VimiVideo, he established the white label division at (TASE: BBYL), and led the product and monetization subsidiary of Qtrax Inc.

    Tal holds a B.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry from City College of New York, and M.A.S. in Administration Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Tal is a native Hebrew speaker.

  • Edward Kanchanawat – Script Director

    Edward has many years of experience as a copywriter for various forms of media. He began his career in the advertising industry, crafting copy for leading international luxury hotels, FMCGs, and designer brands.

    Edward is experienced at assisting new brands craft their unique identity, as well as delivering content that reflects the core of internationally prominent brands.

  • Virode Imtarnasan – Cofounder

    Virode is a cofounder of Vimi and a veteran designer whose career spans 2 decades and 3 continents. Virode has taken a part in shaping some of the world’s largest web properties.

  • Mike Darnell – Cofounder

    Cofounder of Vimi, Mike has held various leading product and marketing roles in web and tech companies ever since 2003.