Why Are Tutorial Videos So Popular?

As someone who makes a living selling complex services and products, I occasionally envy industries where flashy images and catchy slogans are all it takes to sell. No offense, but it’s probably easier generating leads when your offers are presented by beautiful people on tropical beaches…

…BUT sometimes that option simply doesn’t fit the needs of the business.

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For those of us who AREN’T in fashion / food / luxury / travel, glossy images aren’t really that effective and may in fact be damaging (as GoDaddy famously learned), options such as tutorial videos better serve the purpose.

Tutorial Videos Growing 65% YOY

Interestingly, even in so-called “glamor industries”, tutorial videos are quickly becoming the dominant form of marketing. The beauty industry, which traditionally invests heavily in producing high-gloss ad campaigns, is now relying more and more on YouTube tutorials to sell its products. With viewership for this content growing 65% year over year, that’s not really surprising.

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What makes tutorials so appealing?

Tutorial videos let you show off in a way that people want to watch.

People rely on the internet for instruction and information on a wide range of topics.

Meeting their needs is a perfect way to build influence with your audience, while providing them with content THEY find useful. Don’t just tell people you’re the best in your industry, show them HOW you’re the best, by providing value and insights on topics they’re curious about.

It could be a how-to with your product or service as the feature or an explainer that demonstrates your in-depth knowledge of your sector. A commitment to regular publishing of short tutorial videos is a proven strategy to gain a loyal online following for your brand.

Keep it short

With attention spans on decline and viewership typically dropping by 50% every 30 seconds, there’s really no point in making long videos or getting too detailed in your instructions.

Keep things simple, clear, and short.

If there’s a lot to cover, offer it in multiple bite-sized instalments – Not only will you communicate more effectively, but you’ll get more return visits from those who want to learn more!

To learn more about how to create an effective tutorial for your company check out VimiVideo.com – We routinely help companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to startups with their video tutorials, and we look forward to working with you!

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