Why Does Video Grab Our Attention?

Brains love video; in fact, our brains can process video 60,000 times faster than text!

Given the above, and the dramatic drop in audience attention spans, it’s easy to see why video is becoming synonymous with online content … and yet we still love text – so here are 450 words explaining Why Video is King.

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Video and Your Brain

When reading, our brains must actively process the information – We have a voice in our head that conveys and interprets the data in myriad ways.

This is an effortful process…
…and our brain, in particular the deliberate, analytical portion of it, is naturally lazy.

However, when we watch a video like the one above the animation and voiceovers reduce the amount of processing required in our heads. We absorb the story passively, including emotional cues – The humor in the above clip induces an emotional state, in essence guiding us as to how we should feel about the content we’re seeing, and saving us the effort of figuring that out ourselves.

As a result the mental effort required to process video is much smaller than that required to absorb the same data by reading. It’s precisely for this reason that we easily binge watch a season of Game-of-Thrones, but fall soundly asleep after reading one chapter of the book.

For savvvy marketers, who know that closing sales is all about pushing emotional buttons, video’s appeal is its massive emotional impact. Check out the following clip from Thai telecomm giant TRUE. We’ll bet you can’t avoid shedding a tear before it’s over…

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Video – Marketing Impact by the Numbers

If you’re looking for shares and interaction with your content, delivering it via video is the way to go. According to research by Usurv, consumers are:

A Great Return on Investment

A survey of 230 business revealed 76% of business owners felt video provided great ROI.

This is unsurprising because most company videos are categorized as “evergreen content” – When explaining your product / service in a video, it’ll be worth the minutes you’ve invested for years.

Furthermore, whiteboard and 2D animations are easy to translate with subtitles or voice overs – No actors means no dreaded out-of-sync dubbed voices.

Captioning your video is worth the effort in any case because 85% of Facebook viewers watch videos with the sound off!

Get Video Done Right

Now that we’ve established video’s effect, it’s important to add a caveat that all the above only applies when your video is done well – Note the punch the above clip packs in only 35 seconds.

You need a video production team that can help you with your strategy, provide you with professional insights regarding the type of production and length of web video you should opt for, and above all deliver the creativity needed to bring your products and services to life so as to inspire and engage your audience.

For insights and advice regarding how video can best work for your business contact our partners over at Vimivideo.com today.

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