A Singapore Startup uses Explainer Videos to Gain Access in Malaysia

BioMark is a BioMark is a Singaporean healthtech startup with operations in Malaysia and the Philippines. The company is building a platform for bringing patients, doctors, and medical laboratories together more effectively, in order to help prevent diseases before they start.

BioMark’s platform is built around the insight that even when people have timely check-ups and blood tests, they often fail to understand what the numbers mean, and therefore ignore potential warning signs. Biomark’s goal is to help people understand their blood test results and to provide advice and tips directly from healthcare providers on how to improve their health based on these results through their app and digital platform.

While this is indeed a lofty and worthwhile cause, it’s not one the lends itself to a rapid elevator-pitch type explanation…

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Why Make an Explainer Video?

While Biomark had already started a social media campaign and posting blogs about preventative healthcare to their website, Dr Izzhar “Izz” Putra, Head of Business Development at BioMark, and his team felt an explainer video would be the best way to introduce their app to users.

Dr. Izz explains, “It was decided that because we are a digital platform, our value proposition would be best demonstrated via video…It is a very standard way of communicating to consumers what the app can actually do, how they can benefit, etc.”


Video Production – Done Remotely and Successfully

With team members in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Israel, BioMark and VimiVideo were still able to complete the video on brief and on time. Once the BioMark team decided on an animation, they drafted a rough script that included all the points and messages they wanted to convey, because they were concerned about the tight deadline of about a month.

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BioMark gave the VimiVideo team wide berth when it came to script editing and storyboarding. “I was very conscious not to step into the creativity stuff…We had an idea of what we wanted, but we did not want to take away from your creativity,” Dr. Izz said.

Communication was key throughout the process, with both teams working through voiceover selection and storyboarding through to the final product. Even when there were concerns, Dr. Izz believe that the work was “an excellent example of how a company should treat a client in terms of responsiveness and addressing the points that we shared in a very professional manner.”


Video’s Hidden Benefits

Beyond using the video at their live launch in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Izz was able to leverage the video to find its way to doctors’ offices. He would send the video to doctors as an introduction to BioMark, and “some have given comments saying that’s a nice, easy to understand video, and some have TVs at their clinics, so they actually have the video playing.”

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