Explainer Video Voice-overs – Getting the Best Voice for Your Production

When it comes to online video, your voice-over choice is just as important as your script and animation. The voice viewers hear as they view your video is the voice they’ll associate with your brand, and it’s an integral part of their experience, not to mention ensuring your message is successfully communicated.

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Include voice-over preferences in your brief

The first step in ensuring you get a voice you’re happy with, is asking for it.

VimiVideo’s briefing questionnaire includes a question about the type of voice-over you want, to ensure you’re offered an appropriate selection. Things to consider could be:

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want the right accent or dialect for your target audience — American accents for US audiences, British for UK, etc. And this goes for other languages too – for example, Vietnamese in Hanoi is different from in Ho Chi Minh City. This may seem like stating the obvious, but you want to make sure this is covered in your brief.

Interestingly, studies suggest using male voices for male audiences and female for female ones. Other studies suggest using male voices for forcefulness, and female for soothing, but there’s no definitive evidence, so your own subjectivity will place a role here.

Beyond gender and accent, you’ll want to consider other traits. Are you targeting a younger demographic? You may want a different sound than if you are trying to convey a more serious, professional tone. Again, make sure you describe these important nuances in your brief.

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Getting the right choices for your video’s voice-over

Ultimately, the voice-over choice is yours – if you and your team feel a voice is right for your brand, it probably is. You’re going to be hearing you video A LOT, so it’s important you’re happy with the narrator.

VimiVideo.com works with professional voice-over talent, and offers you a selection of voices to choose from as part of your production.

Still not sure what voice you want? Get in touch with us today for advice and voice-over samples.