Make the Most of Your Video Storyboard

You’re well on your way to your video! You’ve selected the perfect voice to communicate your message, after getting your script down. Now, it’s time to put those words to pictures! Instead of rushing ahead and getting the animation going, it’s time to work with the creative team to plan each scene of your video through a storyboard.

Explainer video storyboard

What is a storyboard?

Why do you need one for your video? Think of a storyboard as a visual outline, or even a comic book version, of your video. Each panel, or cell, represents one of the main scenes of your video. Depending on the type of animation, a storyboard could be computer-generated and in full-color, or it could be black-and-white, sketched by hand from your animation artist. Each panel will have matching sections from your script, so you can see how the narrative flows with the images. This way, before you waste time (and money!) repeatedly redoing your video, use the storyboard to evaluate and discuss how your final video will look.

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Considerations For Your Video’s Storyboard

Don’t be shy – this is your video! This is the exact time for you to ask questions and to make sure your vision and message are going to be conveyed the way you want. As you go through the storyboard, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

Don’t forget what you can’t see! Each storyboard panel will only show the main images of each scene, not necessarily what happens before or after. Depending on the type of video you choose, the transitions between scenes will be different. Don’t forget to take this time to ensure you understand how one scene moves to the next.

Your Video Team Needs Your Storyboard Feedback!

So, take your time as you review your storyboard. Does every scene hit the mark, Does the flow make sense? Is your overall message successfully communicated? Not sure about something? Ask us!

VimiVideo wants to produce the best video possible for you, and our creative team understands how important your feedback is to a successful production. Want to learn more about the storyboard process? Ready to start your video? Contact VimiVideo today!

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