Animation for NGO Messaging in APAC – APCOM Case Study

APCOM, an advocacy group focusing on HIV issues in the Asia Pacific region, needed to communicate the SHIFT (Sustainable HIV Financing in Transition) program to get parties in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines to support and participate. While programs aimed at preventing and treating HIV among high risk populations is a noble concept embraced by many, getting enough funding for a program to be sustainable and successful can be a challenge.

“We felt animation was the best way to communicate our message… Explaining information, numbers and data is best done with graphics and animation.”


Why animation works for NGOs

Andrey Tan, Media and Communications Officer for APCOM, explains there was extensive research compiled into a compelling report promoting SHIFT’s goals and objectives, but it is quite long and could be complicated at times – “We felt animation was the best way to communicate our message to stakeholders at conferences and meetings across the region. Using live video would not be an optimal way to explain the information, numbers and data. Graphics and animation work well in our cross cultural environment.


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Plan communication during video production

APCOM provided Vimi Video with a brief regarding the concepts and data viewers needed to engage with, but was open to interpretation of this information as long as the result would be engaging. Says Tan – “...We felt an outside perspective would help ensure our messaging would be communicated successfully.


As is the norm for NGOs, APCOM had to get approval from many stakeholders, making progress a challenge at times, but by maintaining regular communications the production was able to navigate the sensitivities of international donors and government organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

“The outside perspective helped ensure our messaging was communicated successfully”


Use animated video to communicate

Animated videos are great for communicating complex ideas in a fun, fast, and easily understood format. Illustrative graphics, kinetic typography and character animation are ideal for crafting engaging messaging from what may be otherwise perceived as less-than-thrilling material. Get your production on track – contact us today!

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