9 Business Uses for Animated Videos

When it comes to business to business (B2B) marketing and business to customer (B2C) marketing, old fashioned marketing techniques such as print media no longer get the results we need.

Established social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are far more likely to yield the results we’re looking for, especially when they’re used to promote animated videos.


AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It lists the stages in the conversion funnel – Starting when a potential client first becomes aware of an offer, to the final stage, where they (hopefully) choose to buy.

Video, animated or otherwise, is a rare gem insofar as marketing collateral is concerned, because it can be used at any, or all of the steps, and helps you stand head-and-shoulders above traditional campaigns. Let’s look at the facts…


What are the facts?

Use of animated videos is on the rise with marketers everywhere, because the ROI is pretty awesome. Here are some recent stats:


How can I drive sales with animation?

Now that we’ve established that videos and animation are already absolutely mainstream, and that getting on board the bandwagon is pretty much a must, unless you feel like being left behind, let’s look at some tips for video in 2019.


1. Animated Explainer Videos

A good and inexpensive way to highlight processes and explain products are explainer videos. These animation clips are fun, dynamic and easy to understand, making them perfect for promoting a variety of products and services.


2. Storytelling

Storytelling is about painting a picture in someone’s mind. This format often usies characters that are appealing and memorable. It’s one of this year’s biggest marketing buzzwords. Four key pointers for storytelling videos are:


3. Infographic Animations

Infographics are superb for highlighting otherwise dull and boring stats and facts. They present statistical data along with facts and figures in a way that captures the viewer’s interest and helps them to grasp the information.

Data presented this way is bound to be shared on social media, which will give you a nice SEO bump as well.

Infographic formats work especially well with cultures that have a strong affinity and preference for visual content over text, making them perfect for marketing materials designed for ASEAN, including Singapore and Thailand.


4. Whiteboard Animation

Sometimes referred to as video scribing, whiteboard animation uses simple sketches to present a message. It is a relatively inexpensive form of advertising that is incredibly useful and offers very high ROI.

It is a great way to promote B2B marketing, with an increasing number of leading brands using this format as a replacement for text based blogging due to its portability and shareability.


5. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are made in nearly all the formats listed above. You can opt for a character led video, utilise screenshots and screencasts, or even both. These videos help in training situations or as part of your B2B / B2C marketing.


6. Demonstration Videos

Demo videos are similar to Tutorials, but are obviously more directly focused on demonstrating the properties and benefits of your product or service.

They explain to the users WHY they need your solution and highlight the BENEFITS it will bring. Demo videos are about influencing a purchase decision and guiding the viewer to BUY.

They can be very effectively leveraged for your Facebook and Youtube advertising efforts.


7. Compliance Training Videos

Videos to support compliance issues, such as health and safety regulation training, are playing a prominent role in businesses around the globe and are becoming a trend in ASEAN. These video animations carry a serious message, but can be amusing or inspiring, which helps convey the point needed for the compliance training you need to put across.


8. Landing Page Video

Large brands can have hundreds of landing pages on their website. Having a different video on each page looks fantastic but can be extremely costly. Simple animated videos are far cheaper than live videos and are an excellent way to present your information.

They can be promotional videos or even thank you videos which can generate large numbers of social shares or get people to sign up for a newsletter.


9. Internal Communication

Communication lines within any business should always be open to get the best result. Animated video can be used to interact with employees and colleagues. You can capture their imagination in a more informal way that can be beneficial to everyone.



The above list isn’t by any means comprehensive but it should give you a few pointers on how to kickstart your foray into animation and video. Need more? We’re always happy to help