A 2015 Microsoft study found smartphones and mobile browsing have pushed our average attention span down to about eight seconds. For comparison goldfish are believed to clock in at around nine…(source). Yahoo’s recently disclosed during their annual developer conference that their app analytics tool Flurry, increasingly the industry standard, indicates that within the much broader smartphone user community, there’s a subset of 280,000,000 “addicts” – individuals who check their mobile no less than 60 times a day (App development is key to engaging this audience, and Pokemon Go serves as an excellent indication of how effective that can be…)

These statistics (and many more examples exist) are further indications to the accelerating pace of our evolution. An evolution which we must all recognize if we wish to grow our businesses, or indeed keep them active. In a previous post we discussed the benefits of targeting users’ “lizard brain” – here we see a similar paradigm.

An Age of Micro Moments

With progress and change being inevitable, the only way to weather them is to embrace the opportunities they provide, and increasingly it appears these opportunities are Micro Moments – a term Google coined for our collective move towards short-term, increasingly mobile, content interactions. Whenever you want to learn, do, buy, watch or discover something, and reflexively pick up your smartphone – you’re experiencing a Micro Moment.

So how, in this age of information overload, where every second of attention comes at a premium, can you communicate effectively?

Learning From Millennials

Millennials, born into a world connected by the World Wide Web, with Smartphones as second nature, are at the forefront of Micro Moment engagement. Ephemeral Snapchat conversations and 15 second Instagram videos are the norm for them. Until the rest of us catch up, we’d do well to look to millennials for clues on remaining relevant and effective with our marketing. For a start it’s clear we can no longer rely exclusively on text and images to convey our message, because audiences no longer have the necessary patience to read…

Video = Fast Impact Communication

To communicate successfully we must attract attention and serve up our message within the span of a micro-moment. The best medium for doing this is undoubtedly video, and indeed research suggests millennials are the most active video watchers of any US age group. A 2015 survey from Animoto suggests 80% of millennial find video helpful when researching a product or service, furthermore they’re 85% more likely to buy a service or product if they were able to watch a short video about it beforehand.

Win With Video! …We’re Here to Help 😉

As a web and app agency clients look to us to for insights into technology and marketing innovation, and it is with this in mind that we’ve recently established a new division specialized in providing video production services, specifically targeted for web consumption on mobiles. With pricing starting at an easily affordable $360 (THB 12,600) per minute for whiteboard animations like the one below, there’s really no excuse not to take your marketing forward. More details and full pricing available here.